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My latest film "Miss Shiny" is an

official nominee in the 2017 iHorror Awards!

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My name is Jonathan Cook and this is my official website, created mainly as a motivator to myself to keep pushing on with my creativity.  Hopefully, there are some out there that may come across this site and be at least slightly inspired to explore their talents and see what they can accomplish.

I'm a nobody.  Really.  Its that plain and simple.  I've written plays that have been produced all around the USA, Canada, and overseas, but I've never had one published.  I've experimented with making short films, but still honing my skills for that one great project that's only in my head at the moment.  I've lost count of how many theater productions and short films I've acted in over the years, but still no one knows my name beyond my home town.  I've been a member of several great bands, but never had that signed deal that would give my music wider distribution.


I do, however, still consider myself successful in all of these areas.  I'm constantly creating.  I create characters.  I create stories.  I create music.  I create life on the page and on the stage.   Join me on this journey as I continue down this path.  I'll likely remain a nobody.  Either way, I'm 100% satisfied.

Who is this freak?

I'm a playwright, film-maker, actor, and musician currently residing in Augusta, GA.  I hope to motivate others to pursue their passions and be a creator of art or whatever outlet that makes their talents shine.  Don't live life only being the consumer.  Create.