Jonathan Cook


My play 'DON'T CALL ME CUPID' has progressed to the Gala Finals in the Short + Sweet South India play festival! It was also awarded "Play of the Day" by the audience! The finals take place the last week of July! For more info, go to this link - Short + Sweet South India 2017

Evil Idol 2017 contestant Erica Garraffa is currently using a short horror story I wrote called "The Tear in the Roof" in the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights voice acting competition! Take a listen if you get a moment. And Be advised, the story being read contains gore, violence, and disturbing imagery. It is a horror podcast, after all!

I hope to motivate others to pursue their passions and be a creator of art or whatever outlet that makes their talents shine.  Don't live life only being the consumer.  Create.

Recent developments...

My play 'DON'T CALL ME CUPID' is being produced in Queensland Australia as part of the Short + Sweet play festival! The festival runs from July 26th to August 5th. For more info, go to this link - Short + Sweet Brisbane 2017

"creating life on the

    page and on the stage..."