Some of my photography and graphic design work can be found here - JC Photo/Video/Design

I've played in several bands over the years. Here are some links to some of the music I helped create.

Nine Day Descent



"The Tale of Empress Sophie and Tristan the Tower Builder Part I: A Giant Request"


Released by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

"The Tear in the Roof"



Promo still from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' at the Aiken Community Playhouse.


About Me



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I love theatre! My love for theatre began as an actor and I have been consistently performing in productions for over twenty years. I have also acted in several indie films - short and feature length. The comprehensive list of my more notable roles can be found on my Acting Resume and on my IMDb profile

Film-making is an impressive art. Since I have a film background, I have adapted a few of my plays to movies and some of them have been accepted to film festivals over the years. Film-making is not an easy task but extremely rewarding when you are patient and putting the extra time in to make everything just how you pictured it.​ My director credits can be found on my IMDb profile.

I am a playwright, actor, and film-maker currently residing in Augusta, GA with my lovely wife and two crazy awesome children.


I graduated from Augusta State University with a BA in TV/Cinema. A lot happened in those college years. I wrote my first play that I got to see presented on stage. I also directed my first short films and promo videos during that time. I began acting very early in high school but it continued well beyond that.

Other Hobbies

Jonathan Cook




Being familiar with how written dialogue flows by seeing so many scripts over the years, one day I decided to try writing my own plays. And soon after, theatres in other cities were accepting my scripts to be produced. That first acceptance was an exciting and memorable time in my life. To date, I have written about twenty plays that have been produced across the USA, Canada, and overseas. Some of those plays have also won awards and others have even been published. A full list of my play production history can be found here - Play Productions.